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Why Motorized Blinds are the Perfect Solution for Large Windows in Edmonton

If you’re looking for window treatments in Edmonton, chances are you have some large windows on your hands. That’s not surprising, since this is the land of endless sunshine! With all that natural light flooding into your home, it may seem like curtains or drapes won’t be enough to keep things private. After all, if you just throw up window treatments, anyone can see right through them!
If you’re looking for window treatments in Edmonton, chances are you have some large windows on your hands. That’s not surprising, since this is the land of endless sunshine! With all that natural light flooding into your home, it may seem like curtains or drapes won’t be enough to keep things private. After all, if you just throw up window treatments, anyone can see right through them!

Easy to Operate and Provide Privacy and Insulation

Motorized blinds are an easy solution for large windows in Edmonton. With the push of a button, these blinds automatically roll up (or down) to reveal the view beyond, allowing natural light and fresh air to flood the room. When privacy is required, they can be lowered with just another touch of a button. Automatic motorized blinds offer insulation against heat or cold, as well as privacy and sun protection, so you can save money on those expensive energy bills.

The wide variety of blind styles available means there is a perfect solution for every window and room decor. Custom plantation shutters look great in your living room or any other space that needs a touch of elegance, while the plainer cellular style provides ample insulation and privacy without compromising too much on the light. Choose from wooden or vinyl blinds to match your décor – both of which offer excellent insulation against hot and cold air. Fixed metal or fabric blinds are also an option, depending on your specific needs.

Regardless of style, all automatic motorized window coverings are available in a wide range of colours and textures to match your existing decor. If you have children, you will be pleased to know that many styles are also designed to prevent pinching little fingers.

Varying Levels of Light Control

If you love natural light but also want privacy, motorized shades provide maximum control of incoming light levels. You can always choose to cover the entire window with the blind lowered, or you can vary the height of each blind to offer various light levels throughout the day.

The custom options available through motorized blinds mean that they can be programmed to “remember” a variety of settings so you don’t have to think about it – just push one button and your window is perfectly covered for whatever time of day it is. You can even set them to raise at a certain time or in response to a specific command from a switch or sensor elsewhere in the room – no need to get up from your comfortable position on the couch! It’s all controlled from one easy-to-use remote control, but these versatile shades also have convenient wall switches available for perfect operation at any height or distance from your favorite seat.

Great Way to Save Energy and Money on Your Heating and Cooling Bills

Motorized blinds and shades offer a variety of energy-saving benefits. They provide insulation to keep heat or cold from seeping through the windows, so you can save on expensive heating and cooling costs. Another added benefit is that they also help block out excess light when it’s not needed, which means your rooms will be cooler in the summer months without sacrificing too much natural light in the process. When you install attractive window treatments that help save energy and money on your heating and cooling costs, you can also benefit from a better overall home value.

Motorized window treatments allow you to adjust the blind or shade with just a few easy clicks, so they’re an ideal choice for homes that have limited space. Many models come in configurations that let you cover more than one window at once, allowing more light to enter your home while maintaining your desired level of privacy. In fact, you can cover as much as 25 percent more space with a motorized shade as compared to traditional window blinds.

And, with the added benefits of light and heat insulation, motorized window treatments look great inside your home. They can also be designed for greater energy efficiency than manual blinds and shades.

The Right Window Treatments for Your Home

No matter what type of home or office building you have, our selection of motorized blinds has a solution to meet your needs. We offer a wide range of styles, colors, materials and textures to suit every taste and decorating scheme. However, our products are not just about beauty. One of the key benefits to motorized blinds is energy-efficiency. While it might seem counterintuitive to install window coverings that allow the sun’s rays through, sunlight can be your enemy in terms of heating and air conditioning costs.

Our motorized blinds are made with advanced technology that allows users to block the sun’s rays even when the blinds are open. This helps save energy by reducing your reliance on heating or cooling systems during the day.

The Right Window Treatments for Your Building Type

Motorized shades can also be used to enhance visibility in certain types of buildings. For example, the glass walls and transparent design of modern office buildings provide a view to the outside world that can be distracting and overwhelming for employees and customers alike. Our motorized window coverings can help solve this problem by blocking outside views when you need privacy.

In other cases, it’s important to maximize visibility from the inside out to get the most out of certain spaces. For example, retail stores want their customers to be able to see from street level into the store in order to attract more shoppers and drive sales. In this case, our motorized blinds can help make windows more transparent by allowing outside light to shine through while maintaining a level of privacy for shoppers and employees alike.

Considering the Right Motorized Window Covering for Your Building Type

If you’re not sure which type of motorized window covering is best for your building, our team of experienced professionals can help. We will work with you to learn about your design vision and requirements before making personalized recommendations that meet or exceed your expectations. Our goal is to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for our customers, so you can be sure that the motorized blinds we provide will fit beautifully into your space and meet all of your energy-efficiency goals. We have a wide selection of colors, materials and textures to enhance the look of any room.

While our products offer a variety of benefits, it’s important to remember that all window coverings – manual and motorized – can pose serious safety hazards. Make sure you consult with a certified professional before buying any type of window covering, whether it is manual or motorized, and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and local building codes for installation and use.

How to Maintain Your Motorized Blinds

Like all window coverings, motorized blinds will eventually need to be serviced or replaced. It is important to pay attention to the quality of your motorized blinds over time so you can determine when they are reaching the end of their lifespan and will require replacement.

One indication that it’s time to replace your motorized blinds is when they begin producing noise, such as squeaking or rattling. This usually suggests that the gears within the system are wearing down and need to be replaced or serviced. Another sign of aging is if your blinds start failing to open and shut properly. Over time, parts can wear down and require replacement.

Even if your motorized blinds seem to be operating normally, it is a good idea to have them serviced once every few years by a professional in order to extend their life and ensure consistent performance.

Simple Ways to Save Energy with Your Motorized Blinds

Although our products are built with energy-efficiency in mind, you can do even more to maximize energy savings with your motorized blinds. One simple way is by regularly maintaining them in order to avoid malfunctions that can increase the amount of electricity required to operate your window coverings.

Another helpful tip for using your motorized blinds in an energy-efficient manner is to make sure they are always closed when nobody is home. Not only will this help keep your home cool, but it can also provide privacy for homeowners and better protect your valuables from break-ins.

Elegant and Practical Choice for Many Commercial Buildings

Motorized blinds offer a number of benefits to both homeowners and commercial building owners. Our products can be an ideal addition to nearly any type of residential or business space, which makes them a good choice for many types of commercial buildings in Edmonton.

The unique design and functionality of motorized blinds has made this product a popular choice for all kinds of commercial buildings. If you are looking for an attractive, elegant and practical choice for your business or retail space, we encourage you to learn more about the advantages of motorized window coverings and how they can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Motorized window coverings are a unique and versatile choice that can bring a distinctive look to a wide range of commercial buildings. These products offer many benefits for business owners, including stylish appearance, the ability to tilt the slats for maximum light control and energy efficiency. Motorized blinds have advanced quite a bit over time, so they may be even more attractive than their predecessors.

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